June 12, 2013

Great Opening Sentences: Feed, By Mira Grant

The Newsflesh Trilogy: Feed, Deadline, and Blackout

by Mira Grant

Feed has one of my favorite opening sentences:
"Our story opens where countless others have ended in the last twenty six years: with an idiot-- in this case, my brother Shaun--deciding it would be a good idea to go out and poke a zombie with a stick to see what happens."
Who can resist that kind of opening? I couldn't. I had to know who Shaun was, why he was poking zombies, and why he hadn't been one of those other idiots who managed to get themselves killed.

Georgia Mason and her brother Shaun Mason live in a world ruled by ratings and RSS feeds. And zombies. Lots of zombies. So many zombies that they've become an accepted danger of ordinary life.

In Mira Grant's zombie-ridden world no one dies of cancer anymore. No one even gets the common cold. Both of those things were wiped out when the Kellis-Amberlee virus was accidentally "created."

The Kellis virus was a boon to humanity. The Amberlee virus promised to be the same. While each virus was independently useful, the combination caused devastating mutations in almost every human being.

Some of the the mutations don't result in flesh-eating, decayed, shambling human figures. They simply take root in the reproductive organs or retinas of their hosts.

Georgia Mason is one of those affected by what Grant explains as Retinal Kellis-Amberlee. Georgia suffers from impaired vision and excruciating headaches. But that doesn't stop her from being the toughest female character I can remember reading in a long, long time.

What is one of your favorite opening sentences in a zombie story? Share it here, and tell us why.

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  1. "Heroes and fools aren't made during a zombie outbreak, but they sure are found out quickly. Especially the fools." --The Greater Number 2: Devoid of Souls