September 6, 2013

Flash Fiction From Jonathan Kane

The zombie fiction blog now welcomes all forms of  flash fiction from 55- 500 words. 

Send your submissions to Jule: juleromans (at) gmail (dot) com.

Days Like These
Jonathan Kane

We were all under the impression the sun would shine again.  

They told us to hold on, to maintain hope; things would get better.  

They lied.  

Although we have light to carry out our waking lives, the world will never be as bright as it once was under the chilling, discomforting shadow of the Dead.

Jonathon Kane is a software developer who lives in Michigan.

Aside from writing stories, he finds creative outlet as a guitarist in an alternative band.

In addition to Corpse Days and The Calm Before (CD Part II), he has a short story called Good Boy published in the Kindle collection - Murder, Madness and Mystery.

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