October 30, 2013

Zombie Fiction: Characters in the Works of Julie Cooper Brown

The Wife

Jillian is a hard working short-order cook.  Jillian tells the reader how the infection came about and the things that were happening that led up to the moment that Evan is bitten.

Jillian documents the stages of the infection as it ravages his body. She is only waiting for the complete change to take place so that she can kill Evan and then herself.

Jillian and Evan take shelter in a house on Spirit Lane in Punta Gorda, Florida. That is the house where Kate finds them when she arrives. 

The Soldier

Kate is the main character in book two. She is an American soldier paired with her longtime friend, and they come across the bodies of Jillian and Evan as they look for shelter for the night.  She is plagued by prophetic dreams and fear of not surviving.

The Children

Kate also stumbles across a 6 year old girl in the house, Angel. She takes it upon herself to protect her from infection. Another child is introduced in Book II as well.  Kimmy is a 5 year old girl who is severely disturbed, abusive child who loves to mutilate Barbies.

The Zombies

I gave a few of my zombies a conscience with no control over their actions. So they are witnessing these terrible acts of gore and unable to stop themselves from taking the next bite! The anguish and horror they feel as they are committing these acts are portrayed.

Julie Cooper Brown is the author of  a collection of zombie books called The Last Days.The zombie series began with a first novella called The Last Day in the Life of Jillian. Brown followed up with Kate's Calling, and the third book in the series, Angel. These three novels are available as a single volume. Her fourth book,The Dead Live On, went live for Kindle in August of 2013.

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