December 26, 2013

Brian Pinkerton Discusses The Hunger War

How I Started the Apocalypse: Book Two

The Hunger War

Brian Pinkerton's new book came out this Fall. Jule discussed some of the particulars with him.Here are a few highlights from the discussion.

What's the premise of this zombie novel?
This is Book Two of the "How I Started The Apocalypse" series that has been published by Severed Press. It recounts the continuing adventures of Chaz Singleton, the zombie who launched an epic plague.

How does the zombie apocalypse originate in your book?
A military experiment to revive the dead to create a new breed of super soldiers. A small number of smart zombies are trying to cope with a growing population of dumb zombies

Who are the zombies and what do they do?
Brian Pinkerton
The lead character is a compassionate, sympathetic smart zombie who struggles with his flesh-eating addiction like an alcoholic struggling with booze.
Chaz is the reluctant zombie and Peter is his embarrassed human son. The growing zombie population has chosen Chaz to be their leader.

The city streets become a battleground for The Hunger War.

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