December 4, 2013

Harlequin (Zombie) Romances

Over at, there's a tiny debate about zombie fiction going on.

Harlequin romances with zombies? Sounds kind of odd, right? Well, it is a little odd. But it is also, apparently, a fairly popular reading theme for Harlequin fans.  Popular enough to inspire a short article, anyway.

Check it out at "Take a Bite out of Zombie Fiction" over on their site. The article is accompanied by  links to Harlequin's zombie-romances.

This pro-and-con is really a pair of short commentaries. Two loyal Harlequin readers each sound off with their thoughts.
Arista G. suggests that  "There is Still Life in Zombies" and argues that zombies:

"...are a metaphor for many issues we combat in society. For this very reason zombies will remain an iconic figure in popular culture for years to come."

Amy W. counters with  "Zombies Should Stay Dead," and claims:

"There are only so many ways a well-known concept can be tweaked without losing its essence. You can make zombies run fast or be infected by spores, but they are still zombies with all the traits and limitations associated with them."

Want to know which Harlequin Romances  involve zombies? Scroll down the page, and eight different titles are offered along with the article, many of them published within the past 12 months.

Yes, this is a real book cover
Not exactly horror, but an interesting  take on zombie fiction nonetheless.  What are these Harlequin (Zombie) Romance titles? Find a few representative titles below.

Through the Zombie Glass 
Gena Showalter

Michelle Vail

Sophie Littlefield

Zombie Moon 
Lori Devoti
(Devoti is also the author of the free zombie fiction novel Zombie Midnight)

Skeleton Crew
Cameron Haley

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