December 12, 2013

Is Zombie Fiction Meaningful Literature?

We like to think so. In fact, we'd like you to think so, too.  We're pretty sure you  already do. 

Can you tell us WHY zombie fiction is meaningful literature?


Then, you can win a free autographed copy of Chris Philbrook's novel Dark Recollections

Zombie Fiction Is Meaningful Literature. Defend.

Where to go:  
Chris Philbrook's Facebook Page
What to do:  
Write a post that explains WHY zombie fiction is meaningful literature
When to do it:  
Anytime between now and December 16th. Contest ends at 11:59 pm on December 16th.
What you can win: 
Your own personal copy of Dark Recollections, signed by Chris Philbrook.*

Posts will be judged on quality and originality. Bonus points will be awarded if any part of the post can be tied in to the Adrian's Undead Diary universe. 

Chris Philbrook is the creator and author of Adrian's Undead Diary.  

Chris has several years of experience working in game development and editing as well as writing fiction for several major game design companies.  

*This contest must have a minimum of ten entries in order for the prize to be awarded.

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