December 3, 2013

The Zombie Book of the Month Club

The Zombie Book of the Month Club  Facebook group keeps a clear focus and precise guidelines. As a result, the group seems to be thriving. Current membership is 1,192 individuals. Shaun Phelps is the founder. The group is moderated by Anne Stevenson and Tracey Fitzgerald Rose.

Hall of Fame

The club focuses on one zombie novel per month. Members read and respond, and the zombie author often stops by for a chat.  Excessive self-promotion is discouraged, which helps keep the focus where it belongs- on the Zombie Book of the Month.

The group has a Hall of Fame for its monthly featured books. Click on each book cover to see the month and year and find a link to the author chat.  The Hall of Fame includes 21 zombie authors

Informal Chats

Although it is sometimes difficult to follow a transcribed chat session, it is well worth the effort.  These are unedited records of real-time, casual chats. Some content may be flippant, off-topic, or inappropriate.  If you're interested in little-known details about new and established zombie authors, take some time to comb through these previous author chats. You'll be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

Featured Book and Author Links

The 21 authors featured so far include both well-known and independent writers. Most have participated in author chats linked below. Please note that users must be logged in to Facebook to read author chat files. Follow the title link to discover more about each individual book.

Sylvan Kills 
November, 2013

Ian Woodhead
October, 2013

Daniel J. Williams
September, 2013

Timothy W. Long
August, 2013

Sean Liebling
July, 2013

Derek J. Goodman
June, 2013

Rhiannon Frater
April, 2013

Paul Mannering
April, 2013

Wayne Simmons
March, 2013

Jonathan Maberry
(No Author Chat)
February, 2013

D. A. Roberts
January, 2013

Kirk Allmond & Laura Bretz
December, 2012

Joe McKinney
November, 2012

Tonia Brown
October, 2012

Emily Goodwin
September, 2012

Joseph Talluto
August, 2012

Shawn Chesser
(No Author Chat)
July, 2012

Tony Burgess
(No Author Chat)
June, 2012

Stephen King
(No Author Chat)
May, 2012

Ian DG Sandusky
(No Author Chat) 
April, 2012

Mark Tufo
(No Author Chat)
March, 2012

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