January 30, 2014

Chris's Publishing Diary

Chris's Publishing Diary:

"How Book Four of Adrian's Undead Diary Got to Print"


January 30th, 2014

Well, by now you might imagine that I'm pulling my hair out.  I keep my hair very short to avoid just that.

My day job has been very stressful of late, and coupled with my own self imposed deadlines, and managing all my sites, I'm feeling old right now.

But, all is well.  Things are getting better.  I just wrapped the oh, I don’t know, fifth or sixth run of re-writes on A Dragon Among Us, my first urban fantasy novel, and it's off to the editor.  That's a huge weight off my chest.

I also received my proof copy of The Failed Coward, Book Four of AUD, and after going through it for about three hours with a fine tooth comb, there were no errors.  None.  First time I've gotten to this point without there being at least one or two small things.  It's important to have a second set of eyes for this stage, and my girlfriend, who kicks a lot of ass, serves as my backup for this.

Massive hats off to Alan MacRaffen, my editor/layout/cover artist guy for AUD.  Complete homerun on just about every aspect of The Failed Coward.  You rock brother.

So book in hand, approved by yours truly, I've established a firm release date on Amazon for January 31st.

Why the 31st?

Well honestly, it's a business decision.  Releasing a book is a huge financial shot in the arm.  On the first week of a release, you sell substantially more of a title than you will afterward. At least, that's how it has worked for me with AUD. Other indie authors might have different experiences.

By hitting the release date on the last day of the month, I am effectively splitting a huge royalty payday into two months, so instead of having a huge February royalty check, I'll have a good January, and a good February.

I hope.

I'm going to finish this beer I'm drinking, and thank my readers for their loyalty, and hope that they continue to support me and my writing career.  So far, so good. 

More words on release day weekend.  Hopefully I'll have good news to share.


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