January 8, 2014

Rise and Shine: A Poem by Tony Baez Milan

A Poem for the Zombie Apocalypse

Rise and Shine
Tony Báez Milán

Rise and shine
from the mass graves, claw your fingers in the dirt
and cough the bile onto the mud,
and stand as best you can if you can
and let the wind tease you; get a whiff
of the living of the Earth.
Rise and shine
from the sepulcher, crawl on your hands
and rotted knees, make bare-boned progress
to the towns and to the cities
as they waste and turn to sand.
Rise and shine
from tombs and catacombs,
from burial grounds and half-assed holes,
from the shallowness of ditches;
make haste as you go slow, move on to the dim glare,
it’s not the sun, it’s not the sun,
it’s civilization, it was your doom,
it’s the living that was your foe.
Bring along your anger,
smuggle back their filth in you,
double back and get there,
get your cover from the darkened cloud.
Come on from the muck
to show your decayed face,
to show they’re out of luck,
the heaving, the hideously thriving;
plow on until you reach them,
mindless men,
merciless men,
prayerless men,
to feast on their gluttony
the mice are returned,
to make them taste famine,
to gorge on their compassionless mirth.
Rise and shine
from the unease of your resting places,
empty the coffins assigned from your birth
and get to the breathing,
their hate and death-dealing.
Arrive at their doorstep,
utter your moan, your croaking complaint,
your rage, your contempt.
As they try to get away, choking on your smell,
claiming not to understand their comeuppance,
decrying their punishment undeserved,
rip the cloth from Justice’s eyes,
that bitch, let her watch, let her see,
tip the scales with your rotting fist,
catch up to them, all these men, and
slowly, slowly, bite and tear the flesh from them,
and gnaw on their bones till you’re full
with revenge.
At long last, sick of waiting,
this is how the meek shall inherit the earth.
Rise and shine,
rise and shine,
in the night, in the moonglow,
to the Time of the Living Dead.

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