January 15, 2014

Vincenzo Bilof Discusses Queen of the Dead

Queen of the Dead was released in August of this year. Vincenzo Bilof  describes a few key features of the novel in this article

The Zombie Ascension Series

Blood runs through the streets of Detroit and into the gutters of nearby cities. Monsters, both human and zombie alike, have brought civil order to its knees.
This is the second book in the Zombie Ascension series.  I listened to readers of the first book and tried to incorporate more elements that would give fans of zombie fiction what they would want, because these books are for them. If you love character-driven action with lots of gore and a diverse cast (every character is expendable), this is the zombie series for you.

Amparo Vega 

The haunted mercenary, Amparo Vega, must confront this apocalypse head-on with survivors who have their own versions of morality.
Amparo Vega is a woman who used violence as a means to escape from her guilt; she’s compounded her guilt with more violence, which conflicts with the religious values that were instilled upon her by her parents.

Vega believes that battle is her only means of redemption, but as the series progresses, her goals/purpose change. She’s joined by Father Joe, a pious man who will do everything in his power to save a single life, no matter how many others have to die.

Vega's appearance in Detroit during the outbreak involves her mission to apprehend Jim Traverse, a former Delta Force operative who became a crazed serial killer and has been locked up in an asylum.

Jim Traverse

Jim Traverse, the sociopath who has decided the apocalypse will be “beautiful,” has nearly completed his genocidal masterpiece. 
Jim Traverse is a former super-soldier who became a legend for his exploits, though he discovered something that forever changed his life when he sent to Egypt on a mission that was supposed to kill him. The secret he uncovered activated the lingering psychopathic tendencies and he roamed the country for a number of years, killing whoever he wanted by creating “artistic” death scenes.

Jim eventually allowed himself to be apprehended, because he foresees a role for himself in the impending apocalypse; the end of the world is an opportunity to create his greatest masterwork.

The Queen of the Dead

One woman can save the world, or destroy it: The Queen of the Dead.
Jim races against Vega’s company to reach Selfridge Air Base, where they’ll fight for control of the woman who has ascended over life and death, a woman whose relationship with an infernal intelligence gives her power over the walking dead.

A member of the Horror Writers Association, Vincenzo Bilof is the author of the Zombie Ascension series and "Nightmare of the Dead."

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