February 26, 2014

Culex Pipiens and Incessant Hunger

Culex Pipiens is offering  a companion story exclusive to the zombie fiction blog. The story intersects with another of Culex's works. Read them both to discover how they come together. 

Culex Pipiens

The infected are everywhere and your only chance for survival is to run. How long can you run before dropping? What then? Find out in this short story prequel to "Incessant Hunger."

Who is Culex Pipiens?

Culex Pipiens is the pen name of  the author of  the zombie fiction stories: Incessant Hunger, Rabid Zombies,  and Sample 28. Each of these stories has its own unique flavor and approach.

Read the companion

Incessant Hunger asks the questions:
"When society is gone and the support systems no longer provide, will what is left  of the human raced decline into scavenging raiders in an attempt to satisfy the hunger pains?  How far will some people go? What are they thinking?"

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