March 5, 2014

Start Publishing Seeks Zombie Fiction

START Publishing 

is now accepting submissions

Start Publishing has already released several zombie titles:  
The Living Dead by John Joseph Adams
 The Living Dead 2 by John Joseph Adams
 The Loving Dead by Amelia Beamer
 The Zombies of Lake Woebegotten by Harrison Gealler
 The Panama Laugh by Thomas Roche

About Start Publishing

Start Publishing is seeking to grow- and that includes adding new titles. According to Start Publishing President Jarred Weisfeld,
"Our overall mission it to have a mini major where we will be in all genres.  For example Salvo is a thriller imprint while Night Shade is a Science Fiction and Fantasy Imprint.  We recently started Start Science Fiction which has acquired over 50 titles in its first three months,  We are actively looking to acquire and to grow.  Both through company acquisitions and title acquisitions."
Start Publishing is located in Manhattan.  

President Jarred Weisfeld oversees the imprints and marketing while also focusing on new company acquisitions.  In this role, he has acquired the entire eBook catalog of  Nightshade Press titles and over 1200 additional titles for Start Publishing. Mr. Weisfeld is also the CEO of Objective Entertainment, a literary agency  handles over 250 authors.

Weisfeld is interested in receiving submissions from authors of zombie fiction.

Prospective authors should send submissions to

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