April 23, 2014

Lynn McNamee Discusses Red Adept Publishing.

Here's an interesting  interview with Lynn McNamee, owner of Red Adept Publishing.  Red Adept is always seeking submissions of zombie fiction. Look for a profile of the publisher soon on the Zombie Authors Blog.

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When and where did Red Adept begin?
Red Adept Publishing was created in 2011, with the commercial publishing addition in 2012, in a little corner of cyberspace generally associated with North Carolina, to fill a perceived need in both independent authors and those seeking a more traditional publishing route.
What is the guiding mission of Red Adept Publishing?
New authors can be intimidated by the spectrum of publishing options available to them: do they need an agent? Should they spam the Big 6 with unsolicited manuscripts? Should they just upload to Amazon themselves? Is editing really necessary?
We have answers, and we offer both routes: quality editing for independent authors and quality publishing for authors who want to work with a professional team dedicated to making their book the best it can be.
How many titles do you generally publish per year?
In our first year, we published 5 titles.
In our second year, that number jumped to 20, with a corresponding increase in staff.
If this trend is any indication, and we believe it is, Red Adept Publishing will continue to expand for the foreseeable future, offering a wide variety of titles and services to our clients.
Are you a Publishing Group or a Small Press?
Red Adept is a hybrid publishing company. We offer quality publishing services to authors whose manuscripts are selected during the acquisition process. We also have a wide range of editing options to independent authors who wish to seek publication via other routes.
What are your zombie titles?
At this time, we are pleased to offer an amazing zombie detective noir novel, Braineater Jones, by Stephen Kozniewski.
Do you have any upcoming zombie titles?
Why, do you have one you’d like to submit? Our acquisitions team awaits.
What else would you like to say about Red Adept?
Red Adept runs smoothly because each of its team members is self-motivated, works well in a team environment, and really knows his/her stuff. Though our skills often overlap, each individual possesses a slightly different skill set. Such a trained, diverse team allows for a highly efficient whole.
Closing thoughts?
The world will never have enough good books. You want quality entertainment at competitive prices, you come see us.

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