June 29, 2015

Zombie Fiction Now Accepting Submissions

The Zombie Fiction Blog is now accepting submissions. 

All approaches to zombie fiction topics are welcome.

Guidelines for submissions

  • Articles should be between 500-750 words, including title and subheadings. Jule reserves the right to edit as needed for space and clarity.
  • Original work only. No reposts or excerpts, please.
  • The author retains copyright and may feel free to republish the work after 30 days, as long as the following sentence is posted along with it:  "This piece was originally published on the Zombie Fiction Blog (zombie-fiction.blogspot.com) on _________ (date)."

All submissions will be acknowledged.

Accepted articles will be scheduled for publication.

email submissions to Juleromans (at) gmail (dot) com or use the Quick Submission Form

June 28, 2015

Zombie Fiction Submissions

The Zombie Fiction Blog welcomes submissions of original flash fiction (55-500 words) and very short fiction (501-1500 words). Work should be original and not previously published elsewhere. 

  • Stories can be from 55-1500 words in length. Longer works may be divided into several posts.

  • Stories must be carefully edited and create a coherent narrative that keeps the focus on the living dead.

  • Zombies and/or the zombie apocalypse must be central to the narrative and advance the character, plot, setting, or theme. 

  • Jule reserves the right to edit as needed for space and clarity. 

  • The Zombie Fiction Blog does not publish extreme works or erotica.

email submissions to juleromans (at) gmail (dot) com 

Jule reserves the right to determine publication needs on a variety of factors. Authors retain copyright and are welcome to republish after 30 days with this credit line: "Originally published on the Free Zombie Fiction Blog <insert link>."