July 9, 2015

Excerpt from Undead Obsessed: Finding Meaning in Zombies by Jessica Robinson

I had always wanted to write nonfiction about zombies, but I was never sure what to say. When I finally figured it out, I jumped into the research head first. I often laughed at myself because I would read text books and enjoy them. How many people can say they like reading textbooks?


Excerpt from Undead Obsessed: Finding Meaning in Zombies

by Jessica Robinson

In my experience, one of the primary concerns people have when it comes to the study of science and experimentation is that the scientist is conducting his research without any guidance from authority figures. Visions of a mad scientist who wants nothing but fame and glory working in a dark, secret lab may come to mind. As the previous chapters point out, this stereotype is prevalent in many films.

Zombie stories and films bring to the forefront the fears of society. No doubt, Victor Frankenstein had a board of professors and physicians that he had to answer to, but that only caused him to conduct his experiments in secret. Once he was successful, he was ashamed and hid what he’d done from the world. What if his creation hadn’t turned out to be a disappointment? Would he have shown it off to the world and changed the course of human existence?

Scientists often want to find ways to make life better. More often than not, they do. Technology has played a huge role in improving daily life and medical advances make us healthier and allow us to live longer than our ancestors. The one thing scientists haven’t achieved, however, is conquering death.

Death is inevitable. Everything and anyone that is alive will eventually die. It can’t be stopped, and it can be a very frightening prospect. In most cases, the person is not aware of how they will meet their end; they are subject to the course of nature. To cope with these fears, many people turn to religion. It gives them a sense of peace and something to look forward to after their time on Earth has expired. Rarely do people turn to science for comfort, and if they do, it’s not necessarily to cheat death completely, but rather to find ways to extend life by finding cures to diseases.

If horror has shown us anything, it’s that living for eternity isn’t that appealing. If there’s anything worse than death, it’s being undead. There are repercussions that come with living
forever, such as seeing loved ones die or having to drink the blood of the living to sustain life. Living for eternity means that you become a monster. It is a perversion of the natural order. In
most cases, vampires are lucky enough to retain their memories and a semblance of their previous humanity. But zombies are nothing but walking corpses with no memories and zero free

Yet, some people are driven by the desire to find a way to circumvent death. Victor Frankenstein is successful in bringing a corpse (or various corpses stitched together) back to life. The task consumed him and took years to accomplish, but the creature was alive when he finally was successful. During the creation process, Frankenstein was focused on making his being perfect and beautiful.

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