July 2, 2015

Zombie Book of the Month, July 2015

Timothy W. Long

Comments on  Z-Risen and being selected as

Zombie Book of the Month

Timothy W. Long was selected as July's feature for the Zombie Book of the Month Facebook Group.  He kindly addressed his readers with the following message.

Hi friends!

Thank you all for selecting the Z-Risen series for the Zombie Book of the Month. 

These books were born out of a conversation I had a few years ago while tossing back beers with my friend Craig DiLouie. So, like all ideas born out of beer and laughter, I started the novels. 

I wanted  to write a series about a Navy Engineer, Jackson Creed, who likes to bash in Z's heads with a large pipe wrench. Then I added in a Marine named Joel "Cruze" Kelly to round out the book and give the main character a pal with a clue as to how to fight zombies. I also added in a little humor to balance out the horror.

Much to my surprise, the series has been very well received. I want to thank the admins for nominating my book and to you all for selecting it!

A little about me... I am not a full time writer (yet) and work by day in the IT field. I have two grown children, a pair of dogs that include the delightful 'Manslayer' who is an 8lb ball of sheer pure terror. 

During my free time I write and spend every spare moment I can with my lovely girlfriend Katie Cord

You can find out more about my work on my website: http://timothywlong.com.

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